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FIFA: who's gonna take the cup?

Dataviz showing Fifa's revenue by year; the main graphic becomes an anchor for a timeline on the institution's former CEOs and its history. Side graphics show income by origin, number of members and its struggle to redefine leadership after political scandals.

Roles and tools

Art direction and graphics (RAW and Illustrator)


Tiago Jokura (editor)

How many likes does this leader deserve?

A survey on how state leaders deal with social media and digital communication as a whole. Quantitative and qualitative aspects were brought together through the spreads.

Roles and tools

Art direction and graphics

Done with

Barca (illustrations)

The 12 food myths that everyone believes

Every day a different news appears on food. Often, contribute told before. It is a confession alone, fertile terrain for legends and creeds of all times. But not It has to be this way. Next, uncover with us the common misconceptions - and know what science really have to say about each of them.

Roles and tools

Art direction, photo direction and graphics

Done with

Dulla (photos), Mariana Salimena (illustrations) and Cíntia Sanchez (prop styling)

Investment Guide

A 40-page special on how to manage your finances for 2012. This was a big project, and we needed good visual anchors to hold the reader's attention. The choice of an icon in a fresh view (the pig) and the use of graphics and illustrations with similar styles brought all of this together.


33rd SND (Society of News Design)
Silver medal – Cover Story Design

Roles and tools

Art direction, photo direction and infographics


Victor Affaro (photos) 
Gabriel Gianordoli (infographics)
Rodrigo Buldrini (creative direction)

Last page

The last page of Superinteressante magazine runs a regular section called... Last Page. It's a place where we can explore different visualizations into a single image and idea, with little text as possible.

Done with QGIS, Tableau and Illustrator