code • information design • art direction

Cities #WithRefugees

As the data visualization designer at USA for UNHCR (the fundraising/awareness arm of UNHCR in the United States), I was part of a team that created the concept for this piece: a data piece that shows total funds raised in specific cities in the US, and how much this money is able to support refugees with specific objects and funds. Website

Demo animation of the project

3d assets by Marcus Penna


  1. Creation of concept (feasibility of data assets, finding the right message, coming up with the visual metaphors): done together with rest of the team
  2. Coding: mainly took care of all styling of elements. Worked on the main app (figuring out the logic behind the random array parser) together with team; debugged and worked to figure out some small kinks between the modules and Webpack configuration
  3. Art direction: worked closely with the illustrator responsible for the 3d assets we're loading with the three.js library (still figuring out some texture issues).


Work in progress